Oksana Kozmina

Executive DIrector


Our company is a supplier of many welding consumables. The most commonly used grades of welding materials are always available in sufficient quantities in our warehouses. Working with us, our customers use our experience in selecting the equipment and technologies of world manufacturers in relation to their tasks, the solutions of which become a matter of technique and skill; our technical specialists will select the optimal equipment and materials, focusing on the production tasks facing the client. "Welding Solutions" LLP has 2 certified service centers in the cities of Atyrau and Almaty, in which highly qualified specialists work. Our service centers are engaged in both warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment, perform commissioning and, if necessary, instruct the customer's technical specialists on the operation of the acquired equipment. At the company's warehouses, there are always running spare parts and consumables, which makes it possible to solve questions on the functioning of equipment in a short time. Specialists of our service center carry out services for testing welding equipment by the Kemppi ArcValidator System in accordance with the European standards EN50504 and EN ISO 3834. The slogan of our company is "Quality for professionals". Positive feedback from our clients allows us to talk with pride about achieved by us and help us with hope to look to the future and strive to do more.


more than 9 years

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